The 5 West Neighborhood

Life Within Reach

During Bozeman’s early years, city planners designated Main Street the place where the north and south regions of the city met, and Tracy Street the place where east and west merged, thereby making the intersection of Main and Tracy the true heart of the city.

That intersection, situated in what we now know as Downtown Bozeman, is appropriately full of life. People come to work, shop, eat, and live in residences situated above the lively shops and offices.

This Bozeman tradition—a seamless synthesis of home, work, and play—is now echoed a mere half-block from Downtown Bozeman’s heart, where a new and vibrant hub has come to life: 5 West—Bozeman’s premiere mixed-use place for living, working, and playing.

This graceful blend of homelife, worklife, and recreation has been a longtime Bozeman ideal. People choose to settle here because it’s easy for one facet of life to mix so naturally with the others: a meditative lunchtime walk along one of the city’s tree-lined trails in the middle of a busy workday; a visit to the five-star restaurant that’s a five-minute bike ride from home; a night of live music and dancing on the same Main Street where businesses provide livelihoods for hundreds of residents. Bozemanites eschew a compartmentalized existence in favor of a multifaceted and healthy one. No single space in town better mirrors these values than 5 West.


Life is Downtown


Just steps away from the heart of Downtown Bozeman, 5 West is close to a diverse assortment of exciting restaurants and shopping opportunities that run the gamut from independent book- and record stores to the sleekest high-end clothing retailers and purveyors of outdoor gear, as well as a grocery store, an arts center, theaters, parks, places of worship, Montana State University, and the Main Street-to-the-Mountains city-wide trail system.

All this is within walking distance, and there’s even more to discover beyond the immediate surroundings: 5 West is within easy reach of three first-class ski resorts, thousands of miles of wilderness hiking trails, several iconic rivers with unparalleled fishing potential, and two National Parks, along with plenty of the vast, open spaces overlooked by stunning ranges of rocky peaks that define Montana.

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